So delicious, it’s the love of your keto life. Only 3,2g of keto carbs max per portion, high in fibre, protein and the healthy fats that you need! Our keto granolas are organic, are vegan, are lactose and gluten free and made of 100% natural ingredients, like healthy nuts and seeds. You love it for breakfast and as a snack. Most of all, you’ll keep coming back for the mind-blowing crunch and flavour!

Go-Keto Granola: the secret

It’s the Recipe! We knew what you wanted. So we mixed, tried, baked and tasted, until we found the ultimate keto blend of organic nuts, seeds and tasty extras like low-carb dried fruit or cocoa. Sweetened just right with erythritol. And finally, gently roasted for that perfect, joyous crunch…


Go-Keto Granola comes in four varieties, all equally yummy and perfect for your keto life. Craving chocolate? Then coconut-cacao’s your heart’s desire. If you fancy fruit, try lovely Raspberry or stunning Lemon-Poppyseed. And how about Apple-Cinnamon, for warmth and comfort?

Discover all Go-Keto Granolas

Brighten your day the keto way. Grab a handful of Go-Keto Granola and munch away. Or add a few spoons to a bowl of full fat yoghurt. Dig in, be happy and healthy! Check out those amazing flavours below.

Keto Granola 

With just 2,4 to 3,2g of keto carbs per portion, our delicious Go-Keto Granolas are the ultimate, crunchy keto breakfast. Extremely low-carb, and high in fibre, protein and healthy fats that you need! They are organic, they’re vegan, they’re lactose free and gluten free.  Enjoy! Want to know what’s inside? Read on

How to choose a keto-friendly granola

Do you enjoy your bowl of yoghurt with some crunchy, flavourful granola in the morning? We thought so! We love it as well. The only thing with traditional granola is that it’s full of carbs and full of gluten, and that’s bad news for many diets, including low-carb and keto. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you need to skip your favourite breakfast. Keto and granola can be a perfect combination. Go-Keto Granola shows you how!  

 In this article: 
  • What is granola? 
  • What is low-carb granola? 
  • The best ingredients for a keto-friendly granola (and which to avoid) 
  • 5 creative ways to use granola 
  • Recipe: create your own healthy granola bars in just 30 minutes!

What is granola? 

Granola is a mix that classically consists of oats, seeds, dried fruits, honey and sometimes nuts and other extra’s like coconut or chocolate chips. It was trademarked about a hundred years ago by the famous cereal maker John Harvey Kellogg, who was also behind the invention of – you’ve guessed it – cornflakes.  

Typical about granola is that the key ingredients are whole grains and oats and that the complete mix is baked in the oven with lots of sugar to make it crunchier and more tasteful. Today you can buy dozens of different types of granolas in every supermarket or food store.

What is low-carb granola?

If you’re familiar with low carb and keto diet, you’ve probably noticed some red flags in the section above. And you’re right: classic granola with sugar, carbs and gluten is not very healthy (although all too often, the manufacturer suggests that it is), it is NOT gluten free, it’s not NOT low carb and definitely NOT keto-friendly. You may have noticed, as you wandered down the granola aisle in the supermarket, that there are very few low-carb options.  

Luckily for you low-carbers, keto lovers and those of you who want or need to avoid gluten, we’ve got your back with our own low-carb, gluten free keto-friendly Go-Keto Granolas!

Finding a good, healthy low carb, keto-friendly granola is difficult. Go-Keto Granola is low-carb, gluten free, free of added sugars. Instead of oats and grains, it consists of mainly nuts and seeds, which are rich in protein, healthy fats and fibre. Ideal if you’re on a low-carb, keto or gluten free diet! 

The best ingredients for a keto-friendly granola (and which to avoid) 

So far, you’ve learned that a keto-friendly granola should contain only very few carbs, no added sugar, no grain or oats – which means: no gluten! – and be rich in protein and healthy fats. So, what ingredients should not be missing to create a tasty, low carb granola? And which ingredients are better to avoid? We’ve made two practical lists, so that you can easily get this right.

The best low-carb, keto-friendly ingredients are used for Go-Keto Granolas

  • Nuts | Think of almonds, pecans, walnuts or Brazil nuts 
  • Seeds | Like pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds or chia seeds 
  • Sea salt | Just the right amount to balance the flavour 
  • Coconut chips | Make sure they’re unsweetened 
  • Freeze-dried fruits | Like (rasp)berries, but not too much! 
  • Coconut oil | To add smoothness and good fats 
  • Dark chocolate | Great for keto, provided it’s sugar-free! 
  • Erythritol | The best sweetener for keto: great taste, zero carbs
Ingredients to avoid 
  • Grain, corn and oats | Too high in carbs, contains gluten! 
  • Honey | It’s tempting, but a no-go since it’s basically sugar 
  • Sunflower oil | It’s in a lot of granolas, but it’s best to avoid this one 
  • Raisins | Like bananas and mango, raisins contain a lot of carbs 
  • Dried fruits | Forget them, they’re carb bombs!

5 creative ways to use granola 

The first thing you think about when we say ‘granola’ is probably your breakfast. But did you know that there are many other ways in which you can eat this lovely comfort food? We’ll give you five creative ways to use granola, other than as your breakfast. This way, you can eat it at your favourite moment of the day! 

Psst… We know it tastes so good that you’ll want to eat it all day long! But be careful – you also want to nurture your body with other healthy keto foods, like vegetables and natural oils. 

  1. Salad topping 
    Granola can perfectly serve as a salad topping over your favourite salads. The crispy garnish tastes great with veggies that have a naturally sweet taste, like snap peas or roasted carrots.
  2. Granola bar
    It’s quite easy to prepare your own healthy granola bars, so that you always have something for those craving moments. You’ll find a healthy granola bar recipe right below in this article!
  3. Frozen yoghurt ice lolly
    Create your own delicious ice cream with granola! All you need is a handful of raspberries, Greek or coconut yoghurt, and low-carb granola, like our own delicious Go-Keto Granolas. Puree the raspberries, add all the ingredients into ice cream forms or plastic cups, insert wooden handles and freeze for at least 3 hours.
  4. Gratin
    Granola can serve great as a crunchy topping for vegetable gratins or other oven dishes with baked (vegan) cheese and vegetables. Depending on how long your dish needs to bake, add it from the beginning or halfway the baking process together with the (vegan) cheese.
  5. Trail mix
    Add some extra keto-friendly ingredients to a bowl of granola, like fresh nuts, pure chocolate chips and some seeds or coconut chips for a quick and easy energy-boosting trail mix that serves perfectly as movie night snack.

Some typical granola ingredients are best to avoid when you’re on a low-carb or keto diet, like grains and oats, sunflower oil and honey. Except for breakfast, you can also use granola as a crunchy topping on oven dishes, make ice cream lollipops with it or enrich it to create your own trail mix.

Recipe: create your own healthy granola bars in just 30 minutes

It’s really easy to make your own granola bars that are low-carb, tasty, crunchy and sugar free, even if you’re not such a great cook. You can make your own granola, or simply use a low carb ready-to-eat granola, like one of our
heavenly Go-Keto Granolas, it’s up to you! 

You can also check out this recipe’s video here.

This is what you need for about 400 grams of granola bars: 
  • Oven 
  • Baking dish & parchment paper 
  • Spatula or spoon  
  • Sharp knife or food processer 
  • 375g of your favourite Go-Keto Granola  
    (or, if you make your own: 250 grams of mixed nuts, like almonds, pecans or Brazil nuts; 75 grams of seeds, like pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds or chia seeds; 50 grams of coconut chips) 
  • A handful of freeze-dried fruits, like (rasp)berries or strawberries 
  • A teaspoon of sea salt 
  • Almond butter 
  • Optional: 50 grams of sugar-free dark chocolate chips
  • Optional (not for vegans): egg white of two eggs

Step 1 
Prepare your oven by preheating it at about 170° degrees Celsius and prepare your baking dish witch parchment paper. 

Step 2 
Chop the Go-Keto Granola or the nuts into small pieces. with a knife or in a food processor  

Step 3 
Put the chopped granola or nuts in a bowl and – optionally – add all the other dry ingredients and the sea salt. 

Step 4 
Add the almond butter or combine the almond butter in a separate bowl with the egg white first before you add it to the dry ingredients. 

Step 5 
Push the mixture firmly onto the baking dish and place it in the oven until the edges turn golden brown. 

Step 6 
Let it cool down and cut it into bars or crush it to create granola. Enjoy!